Since its founding in 2007, Sarnikon is headed on its way with an experienced staff, perfect service mentality,

Having adopted the principle of being the actual solution on for its precious customers and always shaping its future on such foundation. The company’s success is largely built upon its commitment to maintain close business partnerships with suppliers and customers coupled with the strength of its commercial and technical

Competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle. Sarnikon prioritizes quality, qualified labor and customer satisfaction in manufacturing organization on structured for meeting the requirement of aluminum heatsink, electronic material, LED and LED arranged on PCB.


Our Mission

• Renewing itself every moment,
• Creating resources and value for its country,
• Using the latest technology opportunities with sensitivity to quality in production,
• Offering superior service and quality products to its customers,
• Makes its customers feel the value it gives,
• Meeting customer demands and expectations at the highest level,
• A brand that renews and re-creates itself at every moment,
• To show that it is an organization that works with its employees by being sensitive to the environment and the law, and acting respectfully and fairly towards its stakeholders.

Our Vision

• Takes as an example from its competitors,
• Imagining tomorrow for its customers today,
• Leader and customer focused,
• Keeping strong sectoral relationships,
• By providing the highest customer satisfaction in the industry,
• Achieving permanent superiority by giving importance to product, service, quality and trust,
• To provide job opportunities to more people by increasing the current employment level and to become a world brand in its sector.

Our Quality Policy

As an organization that makes significant contributions to the country’s economy, is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society, and fulfills the requirements of quality and technology, our goal is to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers.
The only condition for sustaining our existence is to ensure that our customers choose us by offering products and services that will provide the highest benefit. All our employees see each other as customers and are based on zero error and continuous development.
Our main duty is to ensure that our employees comply with legal requirements and legislation and to ensure that all relevant standards and customer requirements are applicable to our products.
Our aim is to constantly improve our Integrated Management System and ensure that it sets an example for the sector in which we operate.
Complete satisfaction of our customers; We support and encourage the development of our staff, knowing that the happiness and satisfaction of our employees is important.
Reducing our costs and increasing our efficiency and long-term profitability by working in mutual cooperation and trust with the companies that provide goods and services to us is the only way to secure our future.
In this context, our aim is to adopt Total Quality Management and fulfill its requirements in order to ensure quality awareness in a systematic and regular manner in all fields of activity and service units.
While carrying out all these activities, our aim is to prioritize the internal and external issues we are associated with and the expectations of the relevant parties.
Implementing Total Quality Management is the duty and obligation of all of us as Sarnikon employees.

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