Aluminium Heatsink and Led Housing Production

Aluminium Heatsink and Led Housing Production

Our electronic cooler production facility which has cutting, CNC, welding, drilling, washing and packaging lines make production in high quality standards with the latest technology equipment. Our production line with 29 personnel specialized in their own fields produces an average of 25.000 products per month.

As Sarnikon, we export to 55 countries on 5 continents. We provide services to more than 350 customers in aluminum case, aluminum cooler and thermal solutions.

Our main production areas are;

• Street Lighting Heatsink

• Tunnel Lighting Heatsink

• Wallwasher Lighting Heatsink

• Interior Lighting Heatsink

• Canopy Lighting Heatsink

• Decorative Lighting Heatsink

• Electronic Component Heatsink

With 44 patented products, we offer quality solutions in many areas. In addition, we have the ability to produce special design products starting from the project and test stage in accordance with customer demands.


In generally, horizontal and vertical CNC machining machines performs the forming process the metal materials with cutting tools, according to the dimensions specified by the customer drawings,


The thermal camera is an imaging system based on invisible IR energy (heat) as the imaging method and in which the overall structure of the image is determined by the colors and shapes formed according to the IR energy. There are many different uses in various disciplines. All equipment that consumes or transmits power warms up before failure and emits infrared energy (heat). Thermal cameras with non-contact measuring devices perceive this invisible infrared energy emitted by the objects and convert it into an electronic signal and display it as thermal image on the camera screen. We test all our products with our thermal cameras.