Our Quality Policy

Continuously improve and improve processes that affect the success and quality of Sarnikon.


1.    Always renewing itself. 
2.    Creating resources and value for the country,
3.    Using the latest technology facilities with sensitivity to quality in production,
4.    Providing superior service and quality products to customers,
5.    Make our customers feel the value that they are given. 
6.    Meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level,
7.    A brand that reinstitutes itself at any moment,
8.    To show that it is an organization that works with its employees, sensitive to the environment, the law, respectful and fair to its stakeholders. 


1.    Being an example for competitors
2.    Creating tomorrow vision for customers starting from Today.
3.    Leader and customer oriented,
4.    Keeping strong relations with the sector,
5.    Providing the highest customer satisfaction in the sector,
6.    Achieving lasting superiority by paying attention to product, service, quality and trust issues
7.    To provide employment opportunities to more people by increasing the current level of employment and to become a world brand in the sector.