Our Quality Policy

Continuously improve and improve processes that affect the success and quality of sarnikon.

Constantly improving and amending  of the process which has an impact on  achievement and quality of Sarnikon.

  • Uncounditionally ensuring customer satisfaction on presales and postsales,
  • In order to carry out activities constitues skilled employees of qualified and experienced staffs,
  • Paying importance to creativity and innovation,
  • By esteeming  to satisfactions and attendings of our workers, sustaining their training as an unending activity.
  • Dropping the mistakes to zero  in production  and other business activities,
  • Enabling  perceiving of quality as a life philosophy by its whole employees.
  • Giving quality training to employees in business,implementing quality management system and principles in regular in business activities,
  • Maintaining team spirit in business,creating working environment where is  increasing dedication, efficiency and productivity of employees and keep it continous,
  • As Sarnikon ; as of we were established, with our innovative and improvement  oriented structure, aiming always being  the best,to go for our goal keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront,
  • By boosting efficiency of management and control, in our country and through international market, strenghtening SARNİKON METAL’s image  forms the mainstay and the main idea of our quality policy.