General Data Protection Regulation

As we are Sarnikon Metal and Elektronik Ltd (“Sarnikon”) providing maximum sensitivity to the security of your personal data. We are also attaching great importance to make sure that all kinds of personal data of all and any people related to Sarnikon, including, but not limited to, the people making use of the products and services of Sarnikon, are duly processed and kept in strict compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (the “Law”). Being fully conscious of our liability, and in accordance with the Law, we, acting as a “Data Responsible”, are processing your personal data and information within the following scope and in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

Personal Data

Personal data is defined in the Law as all kinds of information and data regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. Accordingly, your name, surname, electronic mail address and phone number shared by you with us are named and termed as Personal Data for the purposes hereof.

Personal data of our customers, suppliers and 3 parties of our website are processed in accordance with the provisions of the law, law of the Turkish Criminal Code and the relevant legislation of the Republic of Turkey, mainly in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

Your personal data may be processed in accordance with the law, in connection with our business purposes, and can be transferred, stored and used to third parties in Turkey or abroad.

For What Purpose Do We Keep Your Personal Data?

Sarnikon collects and processes your personal information for the following purposes;

  • To fulfil our legal obligations arising from your relationship with Sarnikon product and services and to keep you informed of the campaigns and benefits,
  • Obtain your behavioural information through cookies in order to make better use of our websites,
  • Managing customer satisfaction and complaints
  • Sharing of information requested by public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legislation
  • Sharing the necessary information with public institutions such as security units in accordance with the provisions of the law, etc. fulfilment of legal obligations
  • Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures in order to ensure the security of our systems and applications.

To whom are we transferring and disclosing your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data, in accordance with law and other legislation for the purposes set out above, may be shared by us our direct / indirect local / foreign subsidiaries, or entities and institutions acting as our business partners in the course of cooperation with us for performance of our activities and operations and/or representing us throughout the continuity of our business relations, or local / foreign persons and entities from whom we are purchasing services for storage of data in cloud computing. Furthermore, your Personal Data may also be shared by us with competent courts and other governmental bodies and public entities solely as a requirement of performance of our legal duties and obligations.

How are we protecting your Personal Data?

  • complying with the rules of law and honesty
  • accurate and up-to-date when needed
  • processing for specific, open and legitimate purposes
  • being limited and restrained in relation to the purpose of which they are processed
  • It respects the principles of retention as long as it is required for the purpose stipulated in the relevant legislation or processed.

What are your rights arising out of the Law on Protection of Personal Data?

Pursuant to the laws and regulations pertaining to your Personal Data processed by us,

  • You have the rights to learn whether your Personal Data is processed or not
  • To request information relating thereto if your Personal Data is processed,
  • To learn the purpose of processing of your Personal Data and whether your Personal Data is used in accordance with the intended purposes thereof or not,
  • To learn the identity of third parties seated at home or abroad and to whom your Personal Data is transferred
  • To request completion or correction of them if your Personal Data is processed incompletely or wrongly.
  • To request deletion or destruction of your Personal Data, and if your Personal Data is processed incompletely or wrongly, to request that third parties to whom your Personal Data is transferred are kept informed about correction and/or deletion or destruction of your Personal Data,
  • To raise objections against any consequences against you that may arise as a result of analysis of the processed data solely and exclusively through automatic systems.

We would like to remind that if you suffer damages as a result of illegal processing of your Personal Data, you have right to request and claim indemnification of your damages.

You may provide us with your request for the exercise of your rights in writing or in accordance with this procedure if a separate method is determined by the protection of personal data Board.

Under the law, any request, complaints and suggestions related to your personal data can be delivered to us in writing to our address directly with wet signature or by using electronic signature to [email protected]

At your application for the right to exercise your rights as a personal data owner and which you have requested to exercise; the subject you are requesting should be clear and understandable, the subject you are requesting is related to you personally or if you are acting on behalf of someone else, you are required to be in charge of this matter and your authorization must be documented, the application must include your identity and address details and the application must include your identity.

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