Led and Electronic SMT/THT Line

Our company, which has been growing steadily over the years, has started its operations as of 2016 year by adding innovation to LED and electronic department and our LED and electronic line which meets all standards in accordance with ISO 9001 rules.

Our company, which has been growing steadily over the years, by adding innovation to the LED and Electronics department established SMT/THT PCB Assembly Line in 2016 that meets all standards according to ISO 9001 rules.  The machine park in our production line where we increased capacity in 2019 supports us with a high level of quality and reliability with both hardware and software. Our aim; is to offer our customers the product which fulfills the warranty conditions in LED Modules and also to meet their request faster.

We Care Quality...

Original and Quality Raw Material and Consumables

Our quality process starts with our raw material and consumables preferences. Due to that we are Turkey distributors of the brands that are among in the best of the world in LED lighting components, we use the best quality consumables. We use Lead Free Cream Solder in our production, our preferred brand that  is ALFA shows the importance we give to quality and human health.

Hygienic Production Area 

In order to make the existing production area with a clean and hygienic environment, necessary ventilation systems have been installed and we have an infrastructure with ESD (antistatic) supported epoxy floor so that the electrical load, humidity and dust value in the environment remain always low. Our employees in production area also work in ESD clothing.

We make sure that every staff member, who is entering the production area, reduces the electricity on their body at each entry. This is  the first step in guaranteeing our production line. We only allow all our staffs and our visitors to enter our production under the conditions mentioned above.

Production Process Quality Control

Quality controls are carefully performed before the product reaches the final stage with the controlling devices that are located at the end of each process of production. Our 30m long assembly line contains all the auto controls needed for production with the final test sections.

Machine Park

Our 30m long machine park can produce high reliability products fast with full automatic, dualline, ability to assemble panel up to 1200mm lenghth with untouched process

Focus on Design and Solution

Besides our production, we are proud to show innovative and reliable development with our products thanks to our R & D work with our team that has high knowledge and experience.


Labeling Machine

  • Ability to make custom design marking. Customized marking can be text, brand, date of manufacture, article number.

  • Product traceability and simplified quality assurance.  

  • Inkjet printing with secure marking on any type of PCB surface

  • Ability  to colored printing

  • 2-axis printing capability

  • Able to print matrix or QR code min.4 mmx4 mm area.

Automatic Loader Unit

  • Up to 1200 mm x 460 PCBs are sent to production untouched.

Printer Machine

  • Able to soldering 1200 mm long panel

  • Fully automatic system.

  • Can read the reference (Fiducial) points, makes direction verification and centering.

Solder Paste Inspection Machine (SPI Machine) 

  • Our fully automatic soldering paste printer is the basis of our high process reliability.

  • Verify whether the soldering paste is present and has been applied exactly

  • Checks the accuracy ( quantity and height) of the soldering process.

  • This control makes 100% on all pads on the panel ( PCB).

Pick and Place Machine

  • From No.201 size to Max. 15 mm high component can be assembled.

  • Laser + Vision (camera system) recognizes all components.

  • Dual line (dual row conveyor) line and double head system allows high speed assembling.

  • It process 220.000 components per hour.

Oven Soldering

  • It has the number of zones (as heating / cooling) and length that provide the most suitable conditions for the LED assembling. 

  • Able to assemble up to 1200 mm long panel.

  • Dualline ( dual conveyor system) line supporting fast process.

  • Process-secure printing process for optimal soldering results.

Heat Profile Measurement Device

  • Since the temperature values are very important in soldering, it makes weekly measurements according to the solder and pcb used with our heat profile measurement device and ensures heat stability and accuracy in standard products.

  • In the new product, it determines the temperature value needed by measuring the temperature.

AOI Machine  ( Automatic Optic Inspection) 

  • The quality of the assembling is checked in 3D with a 15 micron color camera (3D).

  • It recognize presence of solder, wrong components, missing, components, bridging, lifting, component shifting, wettability, bending,  solder balls

  • It can control cards up to 1200 mm long.

  • Machine can separate all cards according to OK / NG (no go) result itself at the end of control process.

Automatic Un-Loader Unit

  • The led modules that complete assembly and quality control process leave production line untouched.

X-Ray Machine

  • It performs air gaps, BGA, Micro BGA, QFN, Led, SOT89, SOIC controls in assembly works that require high precision (in power led and BGA materials).

Light Up Test

  • Light - functional tests are carried out with the power supply all products coming out of production.

Special Services

Safety Test

We can also test 62031 Led Modules in 60598 standards for the led modules that come out of our production according to customer requests.

V –Cut Service

We can deliver the LED modules to our customers as single led modules by separating the panel PCBs in case of customer request.

Special Packaging

The products can be delivered in ESD protected packaging and delivered according to the customer's request.