Driving and Working LED Light with 16 LEDs

Sarlite16 LED

Product Specs

-LED Case: 2.8 mm x 3.5mm

-Total Number of LEDs: 16

-Power Consumption: 1W
-CCT: 6500 Kelvin

-Nominal Current (A): 1.4A
-Luminious Flux (LM): 2700-2400
-Maximum Power Consumption(W): 17W
- Voltage(V): 12V
-Cable Length: 2x0.75mm 350 mm
-Aluminum Case Size: 107.97X125.5X32.87mm
-Compact and Robust Aluminum Case
-High Quality Lens Cover
-Lead Free Product
-High Efficiency and Long Life
-Low Power Consumption
-Stainless Steel Mounting Kit
-Approval: IP67 Waterproof Certificate, RoHS Compliant, ER10 Certificate