Aurora(Polar Aurora); They are the natural radiations that appear in the sky in the polar regions, when the charged particles scattered from the sun as a result of solar flares interact with the magnetic field that acts as a protective shield around the Earth. Aurora is formed in the upper part of the atmosphere in the ionosphere region, generally 80-100 km above.
Some Information About Aurora Lights in History:

Galileo Galilei first described visible lights in 1619 using the name Aurora Borealis.
There are drawings of the Aurorax in caves drawn by the Cro-Magnon race (early homosapiens) who lived around 30,000 BC.
In the past, people regarded these rays as signs from the god in the middle ages.
Auroral lights occur in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Rays that occur in the north are called “Northern Lights”, and those that occur in the southern hemisphere are called “Southern Lights”.