How many types are LED Modules divided according to their working principles?
It is divided into two types as constant current and constant voltage.

How long is the warranty period of LED Modules?
It usually has a warranty period of 3 years. Modules have the option to increase the warranty period for an additional fee.

What does efficiency mean in modules?
The higher efficiency of the modules means they need less power than before to deliver defined lumen values. Depending on the module size, color temperature, operating temperature and current value, the luminous flux (lumen) value changes.
1100lm/10W = 110lm/w

How many groups are LED Modules divided into according to their usage areas?
It is divided into two groups as indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outdoor).

What does the CRI value mean in modules.
CRI : Color Rendering Index refers to how colors appear under artificial light sources. The higher the CRI of an artificial light source, the closer the colors underneath appear to their natural colors in daylight.
CRI>70, CRI>80 and CRI>90 are commonly used.

What does light angle mean in LED Modules?
It is the angular expression of the light emitted by the LED, which is the most important component of the LED modules. Generally, LEDs have an angle of 120 degrees. Secondary optical materials are used when different angles are desired.

What do LED Modules consist of?
1.   PCB (It means “Printed Circuit Board” in Turkish.)
2. LED
3.   Connector
4.   Electronic components

What are the types of PCB raw materials used in LED Modules?
PCBs with 3 different raw materials are commonly used.
•   CEM-1: Cellulosic paper and epoxy
•   FR-4: Woven glass wool and epoxy
• Aluminum