LED light sources have advantages such as long life, high durability and low energy consumption compared to the sources used in traditional lighting. In addition, they have the ability to produce color. This formation is related to chemicals (gallium, arsenide, aluminum, phosphate, indium, nitrite, etc.) added to the semiconductor in the LED chip.

According to the chemical substances used in the LEDs, that is, according to the difference of the colors, the voltage and the voltage at which the LED works.
There are differences in the current drawn. Besides producing millions of colors, LEDs can create white light in various color temperatures.

LEDs enable the light to be dimmed (dim) and with electronic control systems.
Thanks to their use, they are preferred in various applications and this provides many advantages to the users. Lamp technologies used in traditional lighting cannot compete with the wide design and display possibilities provided by LEDs.

LEDs are characterized by their richness of color, their very small structure and their flexibility of form and their robust structure.
Thanks to this, they offer many alternatives to the users in terms of design, size and shape compared to lamp technologies.


Sample Cost Chart for Light Sources Incandescent lamp Energy saving lamp Led lamp





Lamp Power (Watts) 75W 20W 9W
Lamp Luminous Intensity(lumen) 900-1000lm 900-1000lm 900-1000lm
Daily Usage Hours 8
Daily Energy Consumption (kwh) 0.6 0.16 0.072
Electrical Energy Unit Cost (Tax Included) 0.710(TL/KWH)
Daily Cost of Consumed Energy 0.426 0.113 0.051
Annual Cost of Consumed Energy 155.5 41.25 18.62
Lamp Unit Sale Price 14-17TL 8-10TL 10-12TL
Lamp Life (Hours) 1.200 8.000-10.000 30.000-50.000
Frequent Opening and Closing Slight Effects Shorten Life No Effect
Instant On Yes Delayed Yes
No Harmful Materials 5 mg mercury/no lamp
50,000 hours(L70) 137 years/1 hour per day
68.5 years/2 hours per day
34.2 years/4 hours a day
22.8 years/6 hours per day
17.1 years/ 8 hours a day
11.4 years/12 hours per day
5.7 years / 24 hours a day