OSRAM, one of the world’s leading companies in lighting technologies, is expanding its DEXAL LED driver family that offers advanced data exchange and sensor connectivity. DEXAL OTi DX LED drivers, which can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, enable the establishment of wireless networks that can be easily applied in existing lighting installations, thanks to their features that are compatible with the technologies of the future today and their radio-based technology.

OSRAM’s DEXAL drivers with adjustable light intensity offer solutions for creating particularly powerful, durable, reliable, cost-effective and high-quality systems. OTi DX IND LED drivers stand out with their special design for use in industrial facilities with harsh environmental conditions. These drivers, which can be used in industrial applications, can be quickly and conveniently programmed into various module combinations, thanks to the NFC (contactless) interface and Tuner4TRONIC software.

OSRAM LED drivers enable seamless connection of lighting fixtures with building management systems and the establishment of a smart lighting infrastructure with integrated sensors and RF modules, thanks to the DEXAL interface.