OSRAM, one of the world’s leading companies in lighting technologies, has launched the powerful OT FIT 380 D NFC HC LED driver for use in greenhouse and industrial lighting. OT FIT 380 D NFC HC, which meets all special criteria for those who want to install a powerful lighting system in their greenhouse, has been launched as a powerful LED driver that can also be used in the field of industrial lighting.

OSRAM’s new OT FIT 380 D NFC HC linear LED drivers provide high power up to 380 W and rated output voltage in the range of 150 to 550 V. Thus, high-power LED modules can be connected in series, and thanks to the 400 to 1400 mA output current range, it can be easily adapted to various modules and currents.

Both high efficiency and long usage time

OSRAM OT FIT 380 D NFC HC LED driver, with its Constant Lumen Output (CLO) feature, enables your plants to grow efficiently without loss of lumen in the lighting sources in your greenhouse, and the product stands out with its long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. OT FIT 380 D NFC HC LED driver, which has a detailed design and certification and is also used in landscape applications, also has a 5-year product warranty.