We also left behind an event at  Power Electronics, which we represent, where we brought together the leading manufacturers and our customers. Our “Power Electronics” seminar, which we hosted with Wago on May 02, 2019 at the Istanbul Green Park Hotel, was successfully held with the participation of the important companies of the sector.

In the seminar, participants were informed about Wago Power Electronics connectors, Sarnikon Aluminum Coolers, IGBT, Thyristor and Modules, Fuses, Auxiliary Circuit Elements, our SMD-THT Typesetting Line and our new e-commerce initiative “Outletcomponent.com”. They also had the opportunity to review, talk with brand officials about industry trends, developing and changing technology. As Sarnikon, we will continue our “sector company meeting” events throughout 2019. We would like to thank Wago company for their support and all our participating guests.